Becoming an EPIZONE member

EPIZONE ERG is open to new (candidate) partners and associates.

The fifteen partner institutes of the EPIZONE EU Netwerk of Excellence are the founding partners of the EPIZONE ERG. When EPIZONE European Research Group (ERG) was established, associate and prospective partners could also become EPIZONE members.

About partners and associates

Partners (national veterinary reference institutes)

  •  Participation in all EPIZONE activities
  •  Full annual fee

Associates (Other institutes, industry, bodies)

  •  Participation in certain EPIZONE activities
  •  Newsletter, access to specific databases, meetings, other
  •  Reduced annual fee

The EPIZONE Annual Meeting is open for partners, associates and external partners.

How to become a partner

  1. Expression of interest to EPIZONE management
  2. Approval by coordinating forum
  3. Prospective partner after written approval of ERG agreement (2 years)
  4. Full partner after signing of the ERG agreement

How to become an associate

  1. Expression of interest to EPIZONE management
  2. Admission on designation by coordinating forum

More information

Administration Bureau EPIZONE

Telephone:+31 (0)320 238 176 (Manon Swanenburg)