Short term missions

EPIZONE offers its participants the great opportunity to learn more about the work carried out by a partner institute.

Terms and conditions

  • The application should be submitted at least three months prior to the first date of the visit.
  • The short term mission programme primarily focusses on young scientists but also other scientists and technicians are eligible.
  • A short-term mission is eligible up to three months.
  • The visit must be relevant to the EPIZONE objectives.
  • Short-term missions are in principle for EPIZONE members visiting another EPIZONE partner institute. However, scientific or strategic missions outside this rule could be considered provided that the added value for EPIZONE is clearly identified.

Detailed information and application form

Assessment and approval

  • The application will be assessed and approved by the training committee.
  • Applications should be sent by email to the administration bureau of the coordinator: