GARAD-One Health Poultry

International Conference Avian Diseases

Organised by The Pirbright Institute, RVC and Lancaster

Mon 22 May 2023 until Wed 24 May 2023

Venue https://www.harbourhotels.co.uk/guildford

The conference will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas around the single theme of exploiting available opportunities for dealing with emerging and existing infectious avian diseases affecting poultry production systems to safeguard global food supplies and human health.

The meeting invites proposals for both oral and poster presentations in following research areas:-

  • Evolution and Epidemiology of Avian Pathogens

  • Host-Pathogen Interactions – Virulence and Pathogenicity
  • Pathogen Mechanisms of Immune Evasion
  • Next Generation Disease Control Strategies
  • Immunity
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostics
  • Zoonoses and Socio-economic impacts of Avian Diseases
  • Global Research Opportunities and Threats

    Eminent speakers from around the globe will introduce the theme and will present cutting edge and decision making research on avian diseases. More information at the website.